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  • Brunswick Brick House

    “Locally made bricks recycled from the existing house will be collected and reassembled as a sequence of walls and terraces with circular and arched openings referencing those of the original Victorian.”

Title Type Location
Brunswick Brick House Residential Alterations + Additions Brunswick, VIC

A busy professional couple with a growing family

What they wanted
A home for themselves and their young children that celebrated the history and qualities of the existing building and provided future flexibility for their growing family

Alteration and additions to a double storey Victorian terrace within a special heritage overlay

Site: 294m2 / Floor Area: 306m2 = 152m2 (existing) + 110m2 (additions) + 44m2 (rear building)

As one of four semi-attached 19th Century terrace houses covered by a Special Heritage Overlay, the existing house was constructed of bricks from renowned brick maker, John Glew, whose brickworks used to be on the opposite side of the street in Brunswick. The owners wished for their home to be upgraded and extended in a manner that celebrated its existing positive qualities and this unique part of local history.

Bricks recycled from the existing house will be collected and reassembled along the site as a series of brick walls and terraces. Within these brick elements, there will be circular and arched cutouts for plants and windows referencing the arched openings in the original parts of the building. Although the new works will be clearly more contemporary, these new brick elements, and the predominantly red tone of other materials employed, will relate to the earthy red brick original additions of the other terraces included within the dedicated heritage overlay, and which can be seen from the rear of the property.

The resultant internal and external spaces will provide an unfussy, robust and colourful environment effortlessly accommodating the future needs of the growing family.





Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan

Model Studies