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  • Bolinda Wall House

    “Seen as the culmination of the driveway journey into the property, the building acts as wall to initially conceal the views across the landscape before finally revealing upon entry into the building.”

Title Type Location
Bolinda Wall House Residential Alterations + Addition Bolinda, VIC

A couple with two young children

What they wanted
To upgrade their home to accommodate their growing family and improve their relationship to the landscape, whilst also providing privacy from their equestrian business.

Alteration and addition to an existing house on an equestrian farm/property

Floor Area: 295m2 = 160m2 (existing) + 135m2 (addition)

As is relatively common in the area, the property contained equestrian facilities as well as a house for the owners and their young family. The proposal is for a new pavilion addition and alterations providing new kitchen/dining/living spaces and parents’ bedroom zone to the existing farmhouse. The new low pavilion considers the dominant roof form of the original house, its surrounding verandah and the rhythm of its supporting columns. A lower glazed entry connects and separates the two distinct yet related buildings and assists in providing the family members with their own spaces for privacy. Considered as an enclosed verandah for experiencing the landscape, the addition is also seen as the culmination of the driveway journey into the property: The building acts as wall to assist in separating the commercial and residential facets of the property. It also initially conceals the main residential landscape features and areas before finally revealing to those who enter the house.



Site Plan

Ground Floor Plan


South Elevation

North Elevation